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For SERIOUS - Really cool handmade studded pet collars. Our sister site! - Hot, Rock-n-Roll, Gang Glam & Rebel apparel line. They love our belts and will be using them in their photo shoots - We just keep sending them belts, on their request for their cover shoots! We love them, and have a feeling they love us as well! - Our fantastic Photographer~he *happily* did our nude model shoot. - Weekly Guide to the English Equestrian Lifestyle - Dylan Barmer our clever and helfpul content writer


For FUN - Risky Runways! - Nail Salon~Anjelah Johnson - Star Wars from a 3 year old - Cat Hilarity - Natalie Imbruglia Torn Dance with Johann Lippowitz


For REAL - The voice for of-the-moment fashion and style. - Selected as one of Time Magazines Top 100 Design Influencers - Tips, Trends, and Style for Students - Recognizing the promise of success in undiscovered luxury brands and talent.....

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